BYOB 3.1

Assists with learning programming basics
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3.1.1 (See all)
Learn basic notions of computer programming using blocks as rules and conditions. Basic characters are fully customizable and moved, adjusted or deleted according to the purposes of a selected project. There are several categories of blocks such as 'Motion', 'Looks', 'Sound', 'Pen', 'Control', 'Sensing', 'Operators' and 'Variables'.

This is an advanced offshoot of Scratch and a visual programming language primarily for kids from the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.
The 3.1.1 version of BYOB (Build Your Own Blocks) is an attempt to extend the brilliant accessibility of Scratch to somewhat older users—in particular, non-CS-major computer science students—without becoming inaccessible to its original audience.
In addition, BYOB features first class lists, sprites and procedures, as well as custom blocks and recursion.

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